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The World Market for Pressure Transmitters, 

2nd Edition

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Flow Research has completed a new market study on the worldwide pressure transmitter market. One major goal of the study was determining the size of the pressure transmitter market.  In addition, forecasts through 2011 are included. 

The study includes the following, and much more::

  • Worldwide market size and market shares for pressure transmitters in 2006

  •  Forecasts of market growth for all types of pressure transmitters through 2011

  • Industries and applications where pressure transmitters are used, and growth areas

  • A product analysis for the main companies selling into the pressure transmitter market

  • Strategies for manufacturers for selling into the pressure transmitter market

  • Company profiles of the main suppliers of pressure transmitters



This study includes market size in dollars and units for pressure transmitters worldwide and by geographic region.  It reveals market shares by geographic region.  It says what industries pressure transmitters are sold into.  The study also includes other important segmentation, including:

  • Multivariable vs. single variable

  • Smart vs. conventional vs. low cost

  • Gas vs. liquid vs. steam

  • Accessory type

  • Type of Communication Protocol (Foundation Fieldbus, PROFIBUS, HART, etc.)

  • Sales Channel (Direct vs. Independent Reps vs. Distributors vs. E-Business)

  • Customer Type (End-users vs. OEMs vs. Systems Integrators vs. Engineers/Consultants

The market for pressure transmitters has shown solid growth in the past four years. It has shown strong growth in a market that is facing competition from other technologies.  How have pressure transmitters not only held their own, but shown strong growth in an increasingly competitive marketplace?

Several factors account for the growth in the transmitter market.  The pressure transmitter market has grown due to growth in the number of capital projects in Asian and other countries, and especially due to growth in China and the Middle East.  Secondly, there has been a tremendous increase in the amount of activity in oil & gas exploration and production in the past several years, due to increases in the price of oil and natural gas.  Finally, suppliers have made significant technological improvements to their pressure transmitters, resulting in more stable and accurate products, and this has given customers a reason to buy into this market, or to upgrade their existing products.

Much of the growth in the pressure transmitter market is due to growth in the multivariable transmitter market.  The market for multivariable DP transmitters for flow has more than doubled in the past four years. Multivariable transmitters measure more than one process variable.  These are usually pressure, differential pressure, and temperature.  Many multivariable transmitters use these values to compute mass flow, while others output these values to a flow computer for calculation.  Multivariable pressure transmitters are widely used to measure steam flow.  They were first introduced by Bristol Babcock in 1992.  Since that time, Emerson Rosemount and Honeywell have been the main suppliers.  More recently, ABB, Foxboro, and now Yokogawa have entered this market.

Installed base is the single biggest factor that has sustained growth in the pressure transmitter market in the past four years.  Many companies have invested very heavily in pressure transmitter technology, and are not likely to abandon this investment.  Changing technologies often requires changing suppliers, and also has additional start-up and educational costs.  Many end-users will choose to stay with their pressure transmitters unless they have a particular problem with them, or are required to change technologies by regulations or due to a need to move to a higher performance level.  Even in this case, technology improvements by pressure transmitter suppliers may persuade end-users to stick with pressure transmitter technology.

Geographically, the fastest growth is occurring in China and the Middle East, and in the developing countries of Asia where more new plants are being built.  This gives an advantage to the large, multinational companies, which helps explain why most of the pressure transmitter suppliers are large, multinational companies.  Far fewer new plants are being built in the United States and in Europe, although some plant upgrades are occurring.  Capital spending has been increasing in the past several years, however, and indications are that this trend will continue.  This will help the pressure transmitter market in all geographic regions.

Flow Research has completed a series of eleven studies that include all types of flowmeters.  Information about these studies is at http://www.flowresearch.com/flow.htm.  This study should be of special interest to any manufacturer of pressure transmitters, and to users and specifiers of pressure transmitters.


To order this study, contact Flow Research by email at  jesse@flowresearch.com, or call Flow Research at 781-245-3200. In the United States, call toll free at (800) 245-1799. Or, use our handy Order Form.

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